My name is Alexis…

and I believe in doing what sparks joy and following your passions in life, and pursuing them with an environment-friendly state of mind. Therefore, most of my work is freelance- and project based. I work with translating, CC/SDH subtitling, translating subtitles, writing articles and features and whatever else intrigues me. I have worked with writing for over six years, translating and subtitling for about 1.5-2 years. I am also an certified fashion stylist and I have a MIMP - Master International Makeup Professional diploma. The thing that ties all of my work together though, is creativity and a love for the arts, both written and visual.

I have worked for- and with many companies and individuals with translating, subtitling and writing. By now, I’m nearing 7’500-10K minutes subtitled in my career, and hundreds of thousands of words translated. I’ve worked with tv-shows, movies, books, documentaries, trailers - you name it.

For my e-magazine, I have interviewed, featured and collaborated with people from all around the world. That has been the most interesting aspect of running an e-magazine. Getting to hear other peoples’ stories and how we are all different yet somehow alike, no matter where we come from or what kind of person we are. There is something that ties us all together.

Sometime later this year, I hope to start an e-course, write a couple of e-books and start a podcast of my own. I also hope to start an online store someday. I am not there yet, but the journey toward becoming one’s highest self is just as amazing as the goal. I am a Reiki master and am currently learning homeopathy and natural ways of healing. I eat a plant-based diet, and I pursue a limited waste-eco-friendly way of life. I design and make clothes and art.

If you’d like to collaborate or work with me, and if you wish to know my rates or see a sample of my work, contact me and let’s discuss!


Alexis is very responsible and result-oriented person with a passion for writing. Alexis has an outstanding knowledge of fashion industry and great attitude .

- Jessica Prescoto

Great penmanship with very good work ethic are signature for Alexis! Very helpful and knowledgeable writer and fashion editor and I look forward to many more projects together!

- Olga Dzilikhova