Sweden's CBD Regulations May Be Changing

Cbd is a small part of the cannabis plant, only without the THC. People use it to sleep better, to treat seizures, low blood pressure, fibromyalgia, depression and anxiety, to manage autism and adhd, and much, much more. Cannabis can treat over 600 diseases, and while some illnesses requires pure cannabis oil, that includes the THC, most people do just fine with CBD. Because there is no THC in CBD, there is no risk of getting high or anything like that. However, there is a high chance that your health will improve with CBD. However, now there is talk of CBD being labelled as narcotics even so. The pharmaceutical companies have of course been listening intently to peoples stories and now they’ve realised that the more people that can get CBD on their own to treat their medical conditions, without having to go see a doctor, the less money the pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and the system, will be able to wring out of those people. It’s simple really. Sick people makes the fat cats fatter. CBD make people healthier, and then the fat cats won’t get fatter. Of course they would try to class CBD as narcotics, making it illegal. Never mind the fact that thousands of people are relying on it to stay healthy.

Rid yourselves of the illusions

If you are still under the illusion that the health care system, the government, the pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies, that any of those things are in place to help people, then please, educate yourself and wake up to the truth. All of those exist due to- and for one thing and one thing only. Money. They couldn’t care less about the well-being of the masses. To them, we are the the pigs waiting to be slaughtered, and they have no qualms about using us for their own personal gain.

Some people grow or buy weed here in Sweden and make their own cannabis oil to heal themselves. And that I reckon is their HUMAN RIGHT! And even the ones I’ve heard of who have “gotten caught” have received permission to keep doing it because even the court realises that they’re only trying to survive and therefore had nothing more to say then “Well, what else are they gonna do?”

Now if the court can be that reasonable, why oh why can’t the rest of this corrupt system be so as well? Oh right, because it is indeed a money-driven corrupt system.

Do what’s right, not what’s legal

Many people think way too much about what is legal and what is illegal today. They don’t realise that legal does not always equal right, and illegal does not always equal wrong. Everything during the 2nd World War, the holocaust, was legal. In many countries today, love is illegal. Interracial marriage used to be illegal. Same sex marriage used to be, and in many places still is, illegal. Illegal is not the same as wrong.

Keeping the fat cats fat

Some laws are in place to protect the citizens of the world. Some. But the rest of them? They are in place to protect the citizens from gaining too much knowledge and power, power that they can later use to overthrow the system. Everything in society today is in place to keep the masses brainwashed and under control. They force a gender upon us when we are born, and with it, toxic gender rules and inequality. They give us a number when we’re born, much like a bar-code. We are taught to behave in a certain way and think in a certain way from kindergarten and onward. The clothes exist for each gender, to reinforce the gender roles and the inequality. The school is the same as hundreds of years ago, preparing us for a life in the factory or a life in prison. Breaks, time to be out on the yard, set time for lunch, sitting in straight rows, clocking in and clocking out. And, we are taught a selective version of history, which is often far from the actual truth. Beautifying some of the ugly bits and failing to share most of it.

Then we are taught to stay in that mindset and go to college to get a 9 to 5 job. At a certain age we are supposed to stop thinking for ourselves and dreaming and just “grow up”. “Growing up” means marrying, having kids, buying a house and getting stuck with a mortgage on top of your student loans, and there you go. From birth to death, there will be no time for truth, to think for yourself or to rebel. That is, if you follow the life-plan the system has laid out for you.

Claim your human rights

The thing is, that trying to remove CBD from the people, turning it into something toxic, a narcotics, when it is completely harmless, is the same as taking away people’s human rights. Even cannabis in its natural form, with THC, should not be classed as narcotics. It cannot kill people. It does not ruin people or make them addicted. It has, however, the power to heal people, to help people and to make people’s lives easier and more bearable. Denying people that, is denying them their human rights.

The system may not realise this, but trying to control and deny the masses their rights may have worked in the past, but nowadays, more and more people are awakening. They are removing themselves from the system’s toxic brainwashing and they are waking up to the truth of the world today, the extent of the corruption. And they will not stand for this. We will not go down without a fight. The system may have had a purpose at some point in time, but the last few hundred years, it has been nothing more than away to control people and to play with their lives like a puppet master controls his puppets.

Stand up for what is right and claim your human rights! No one has the right to deny you what is rightfully yours. No one has the right to tell you that doing all you can to survive is a punishable offence. If anyone should be punished here, it is the system that breaks down its people, creating more and more sick people, homeless people, depressed people and suicides every year.

The system is broken and the power belongs to the people!