The True Value of Money

What is the true value of money? 

I'll give you a clue.  It's not the price tag attached to the gadget you're looking at. It is the time it'll take you to earn the cost of the gadget. That phone may seem like it costs £600 but really it costs roughly a week of working. Is a phone really worth a week of your time? 

Another example. Say you are looking at an apartment which costs £1000 a month. To you it seems like a good deal until you realise it'll take you roughly two weeks to earn that amount, or more depending on how high your taxes are. Is it really worth spending two weeks or more working to live a month in a place you barely have time to be in? 

Most purchases we make are not necessary. Many of us are either emotional buyers, or we buy things that other people have, as to fit in. Be one of them. Next time you are about to buy something, ask yourself why you want to buy it. Do you think it will give you a moment of happiness? Or do you want it simply because it is something people say you are ‘supposed to have’? Or do you actually need it? Instead of relying on material means to achieve happiness, why do we not just make our own happiness?

Spend the time you would have spent working, doing whatever makes your happy. Make once-in-a-lifetime memories and if you spend money, make sure it is on experiences and travel. Or at the very least, on things that actually support your higher self and the life you want. But even then, there are most likely second hand options available. Money spent for your highest self or for experiences to help you grow as an individual and experience life, are never money wasted.

If you look at the news today, or even at social media, it would seem like the world runs on money. And in a way, yes, it does run on money. But happiness does not. There are things we need money for, at first, as we rearrange our lives and build lives that are more true to the essence of our souls. For example, you may very well need to spend money once on a home, or some kind of roof over your head (unless you are travelling full time). You may need to invest in certain bulk groceries, zero waste hygiene or cleaning products, or the like, as you transition from using and eating in the “usual way”. But as you get used to a life lived to honour your highest self, you will ‘need’ less and less, and you will make more and more. Maybe you’ll make connections and you will trade what you need with them. There are many ways to live a sustainable life with little to no money today.

So how do you get started?

The first priority is to look into your health. How are you feeling? How would you like to feel? Are there any issues with your health, physical or mental, that you need to address? Look into the Medical Medium, Reiki, yoga, acupressure, acupuncture, homeopathy and craniosacral therapy for physical health issues. Look into tapping, yoga, homeopathy, meditation, art therapy and breathing exercises for mental health issues. To live life as your highest self, out of the matrix, you need your health. Create healthy habits, exercise more, eat more fruit and leafy greens, drink more water. Spend more time in nature and don’t forget to breathe.

Living conditions

Then you can look into your living conditions. How and where do you live today? What is it like? What do you pay to live there and what is the main reason you live there? How would you like to live?

Look into sustainable ways of living and simple ways of owning your own home. How large a home would you need? There are so many unique ways of living today that you can look into. Most can be yours for a small sum of money and just like that, you’ll be self-sufficient and out of the rent trap. Working would suddenly be a voluntary thing for you. Now isn’t that a thing of beauty?

Some homes to look into are yurts, tipis, boats, container homes, cabins, caravans, tiny houses, mud homes, cob-houses as well as homes built solely on donated/free materials and even waste. If you go to Pinterest or YouTube, you’ll find people all over the world who have built unique homes with only free materials or waste.

Solar panels, wind power or waves can be a way for you to harvest your own electricity. Create or find yourself a community and you can then share most other things you may need.


The age old question, if money wasn’t a factor, would you still be doing what you do right now? Would you still be at the same job? Would you do anything you do today, if money wasn’t a factor?

In a world where money doesn’t exist, what would you do and how would you like to spend your days? Where in the world would you like to live and who would you live with? Make a list and describe the life you’d be living.

Income - passive and active

Now that you know what kind of life you want, what you need to do improve your health and in what kind of home you want to live in, it is time to make a budget. What would it cost to get started? To get the home in place, to put away some savings, to get dept free (if you are not), to become healthy.

Calculate what you will need to remove your dependency on others.

  • By improving your health and learning more about your health, your body and soul, you reduce or eliminate the need of pharma and regular doctor’s appointments.

  • By owning your own home and harnessing your own electricity and possibly water as well, you are no longer dependent on a landlord or on a job for rent.

  • By learning what kind of life you want, you will no longer need to seek approval from others or depend on others for your own happiness.

  • By learning how to do things yourself, you will become more independent as a whole.

  • By having your own location independent career and work as little or as much as you like, you no longer need to depend on employers or authorities.

    When you have your budget, find out:

  • How much money you have

  • How much more money you need

  • How much you can and want to work

  • Where your talents lie

When you know these things, it is time to find yourself and active income source. The sky is the limit here. In fact, the universe is the limit. And in the universe, there are no limits. If you are good at something, you can make money off of it. Just think of what you have and where your talents lie. A car and a driver’s license can unlock a whole new world of potential income sources. Flipping furniture, getting free clothes and redesigning them, getting things free and selling them, delivering and shipping items for stores - the list goes on.

The active income will bring in the money you need to create your ideal lifestyle. When that is starting to take place, that is when you can take the time to create one or more passive income sources. A passive income source is something you spend your time on once, and then keep earning money off of. Such as an e-book, an e-course, a podcast etc.

No Spend

Now that you have your home, your health, your passive and active income sources, it is time to learn how to do things yourself, without using money. Learn how to grow your own food or how to buy in bulk and store for the year or 6 months ahead. Learn budget cooking and how to prepare food with maximum nutrition at minimum expense. Look into dumpster diving. Make your own oils and vinegar. Your own band aids, natural medicine and first aid kit. Create a capsule wardrobe with only sustainable and ethical garments. Quit fast fashion and start getting your needs met by second hand stores, thrift stores or by making things yourself. Support only small brands and learn how to trade with others. Set up a fashion-trading day a month with your friends where you bring the clothes you no longer want and trade with each other.

Compete with yourself and do a No Spend week, month or even a full year. The No Spend challenge is when you only spend money on what you need to spend money on and cut out all the non-essential expenses. It is a good way of finding out what you actually need and a good way to get better at being frugal and caring for yourself without money.

Read up on the Great Depression. They knew how to make things last back then. For them it was out of need, for survival, but the way we are a treating the environment and each other, it is important to know how to get by when SHTF. Learn how to keep a stocked pantry, how to get food free, clothes for free, furniture for free and even building materials for free. It can be done, it is being done by people every day, and there is no reason why you wouldn’t be able to do it to.


Money can be a stepping stone to acquiring the lifestyle you want and the life your soul needs. After that, it is more of seasoning rather than the main course.

When you spend less money on things, you need less money to get by on, ergo, you can work less. Time is precious and life is much better spent making memories rather than earning money to pay for things you rarely even use.