The Finnish Baby Box

When you are a parent to be, and a minimalist at that, figuring out what is necessary to acquire for your kid and what is simply a hoax created by society to feed consumerism, is a real struggle. Every parent has their own idea of what is necessary and what isn’t, and what works for them may not work for you. That swinging and singing baby chair may be a necessity to some, because they like how it makes them look, but it isn’t a necessity to the upbringing of their child. Asking the stores is a no go as well, since they will do what they can to keep you consuming to raise their sales. Reading the parenting magazines and deciding due to what they say is also a no go, as they are paid to advertise the stores.

So… what do you do?

In Finland, since 1938, they have not had this concern. All parents to be in the country receive a baby box that includes everything the baby will need for the first year. Even the box itself turns into a bed for the child and includes a mattress, sheets - the lot. When the child has outgrown the garments and the box, you can simply put it all back into the box, put the lid on, and you’ll be all good for the next kid. This is done so that all children grow up with the same basics, regardless of the income of their families and where in the country they grow up. You won’t be stuck with a ton of things you have to sell, boxes of clothes your children grew to quickly to wear and you won’t have to worry about whether you got your kid the right things or not.

Original Baby Box1.png

Isn’t that a great way for a country to care for their people?

It’s just too bad that we can’t all live in Finland. But for us who don’t, the company Finnish Baby Box has got us covered. They have created the baby box, an original one and a Moomin themed one, available for purchase by anyone anywhere in the world. While we don’t get it free like they do in Finland, it is still a very affordable way of getting everything you need for your kid. Also, you won’t have to worry about what to get or acquire things gradually for months and months. Simply place an order, and you’re good to go.

Winter friendly

The box includes 48 items from your child and when you order, you let them know when your due date is and what kind of winter you will be experiencing, and the content of the box will be based on that. If you want to know more about what kind of content is in the box, check their Instagram, read their reviews, or order a sample baby garment, to truly see and feel the quality for yourself.

Genderfree & healthy design

If you are one of us who do not intend to gender mark our children with gender rules, stereotypical prints and the standard blue/pink colours, you will like this kit even more. The products do not include any gender marked garments. They’re all in happy colours, a lot of yellow, and without any stereotypical and assuming prints. They’re simply adorable and will make your child look even cuter. Personally, I am getting some happy 70s vibes from this kit, which honestly makes me love it all the more. Most modern baby clothes are so void of colours, intent on being "cool" in black and white, but I'll take the colourful garments any day. It is cuter, and healthier for your child's development, their eyes in particular and their mood, as certain colours make us release happiness hormones. Colour therapy is a common method to cure and treat anxiety and depression. So choosing colourful garments rather than garments void of colour for your kid may very well help them both physically and mentally.

Minimal waste

Waste wise, the box will also mean that you will produce less waste as you nest. You won't have the plastic bags or the clothing tags from the shops, the packaging from your online orders or the receipts from your purchases. All you'll have is the box, which doubles as a bed. Minimal waste parenting.

You can read more about the box and place your order here and see some examples of the content here below.