Waste not, Want not

Have you ever heard of biogas? I am sure you have. Cars run on it, it is used to heat homes and it is used for cooking. 

Biogas is something that is very handy to have and that has multiple purposes. Waste is something that everybody produces, be it animal waste, human waste or food waste, and it must go somewhere...

That is what has brought on designs worldwide for DIY versions, and even versions you can purchase, of devices that turns human waste, animal waste or food waste - or all three - into bio gas. The people need not worry about the human waste leaking out into the drinking water, they need not be shuffling about the animal waste and they need not throw out or compost the food waste. 

The idea is quite brilliant and so there is little wonder that so many people are intrigued to try it out. It solves two very important 'problems'. What to do about ones waste and how to afford gas for your heater, appliances and your car. Ideas that solve problems are always a big hit, and such ideas are the very reason why there are inventors in the first place. To create innovative solutions to problems that are common and unsolved. 

When you use a composting toilet and don't have to invest in a water toilet, or the water required for it, or the electricity to power a toilet that burns waste, and you also get to use the waste to power your appliances... that's innovation at its best. If you have animals, be it a dog or a herd of domestic animals - and no I don't agree with the domestication and use of animals - their waste can power the car you use to go into town or get around on your land. If you are a vegan and produce natural vegan food waste, what you can't eat, or even the waste from your garden if you grow your food yourself, could power your oven, your stove and your heater. 

You could build one of these devices yourself or you could use this one. Unfortunately, their product is not intended for animal waste or human waster - despite the fact that it would probably work - so if you can, I would suggest building one yourself or getting someone tech savvy around you to build one for you. .