The Paradox of Modern Society

These days it is fairly common being tired of society and wanting to become a digital nomad, travel or wanting to go off-grid. People want to leave society, while never being able to leave it completely. We want to live outside of society, while still being inside society. It is a paradox. 

Basically, we want our freedom but we can never fully leave society since society is everywhere. We can go off-grid but the connection to society will never fully disappear. Society and its governmental claws is our abuser, our kidnapper and here we are, with the Stockholm’s syndrome, falling in love with the cause of our misery. We know it's bad for us, yet we don't know how to get out fully, or what it would mean if we did. 

The system may have been a good idea once, but today it is there only because they can make money of the people. Take away the ability to make money off of our misery, there'd be no system, no government. We need to realise that we cannot rely on it. It is not a healthy situation to be in. We are subjects to it. We are controlled by it. And we could die because of it, if we don't get out in time.

If you do decide to leave, to break out of the Stockholm syndrome, realise you are being abused and decide that you want no part in it, how do you leave? This is a question many of us ponder, because we want the advantages of going back should we want to, should things change, we want our freedom and we want no trouble from the system finding out we're ditching it. We are in society and yet we've already left. 

The key to leaving society and the government behind, getting out of the Matrix, is letting them think you are still in it. Then they'll be off your back, and you'll be long gone if they ever do realise the truth someday. But what do you need to be able to get out and stay out? You need to build new connections that will help you get what you need in life, what the system was meant to provide, without the conditions, the rope around your neck, letting you know you are not your own person.

You'll need to figure out food and food supplies, healthcare, an off grid home with its own water supply, its own 'grid' and you'll need to create a nest egg, should you someday need to use money again. Learn more about survival, how people got by before we got to where we are today; paying others to do all but brush our teeth and wipe our asses for us. Learn how to do everything yourself. Educate yourself. Become a person who is 'a good man in a storm'. Because when you have nothing to hold on to, you'll need to be. (Don't get me wrong, there's nothing to hold on to in society, but there is an illusion that there is. That a governmental safety net exists. That's nothing but a beautiful fairytale.)

Learn how to barter. Bartering will get you everything you want by using every thing you do not want. Anything you have a surplus of, anything you have no use for, round it up and log it. Then figure out what you need. What you'll need once and what you will need on a regular basis. If you need something with regular intervals, you need to find someone who can provide it, and something you can provide at each of those intervals, for them. When it all comes to it, we are all bartering already. We are trading time for money, and money for what we need. What going back to bartering means, is simply cutting money out of the equation and simply trade time for what we need. By bartering instead of using money, you will also get out of the greediness that we've been brought up in. The constant want for more. Because you will have what you need. Always. What more could you want? 

As we begin to unschool ourselves and bring in new knowledge, we will see the truth and see the world as it is. We will see the cracks in the wall of society and the lies we've been living under. Once you have unschooled yourself and at least mentally, left society and its rules behind, you won't want to go back. You won't be able to stay quiet if you do. Because you know the truth. You can see what's going on, and you know that life does not have to be that way. That there is a way out. 

Unschool yourself and leave, while letting society think you're still in it, and you'll be long gone when/if the system finds out or, falls apart.