The Health Benefits of Sprouting

Have you ever eaten sprouts? I am sure you have at least heard of them. Most seeds and legumes can be sprouted, even wheat, oats and other grains. Alfa alfa seeds are commonly sprouted, but other seeds such as flax seeds also sprout well. Flax seeds are high in omega 3 and are often used in oatmeal or in seed crackers. If you sprout them, dehydrate them and then use them for seed crackers, the nutritional value will go up even further than with regular seed crackers. There are many kinds of flour that are available in sprouted versions. If you sprout your wheat, oats or perhaps even corn, and dry them before turning them into flour, even your flour will have a different nutritional value and a slightly fresher taste as well. It tastes like nature.

Some will say that you need special gear to sprout seeds and legumes, be it jars or complete sprouting machines, but you really don't. If you wish to sprout beans or lentils for example, simply place them in water overnight. After that, drain them and place them in a strainer with a bowl underneath and a dark cloth over. Place it neither too hot nor too cool. Splash them with water every four hours or pour water over them. Just make sure you keep the strainer over a sink when you do, not over the bowl. If you pour it when the strainer is in the bowl, the water will collect in the bowl and drown the beans. It may take a few days, but gradually they will sprout. Make sure you eat them soon after they've finished sprouting. They are only good for a few days at most after that. Sprouted lentils can be easily blended into a lentil hummus that you can eat with vegetable sticks and celery. Other legumes can be used in the same way or however you would have used them had they not been sprouted.

If you wish to sprout seeds on the other hand, spread them out on a plate and spray them with water every few hours. When sprouted, dehydrate them and put them in jars. You can then use them longer and in the same manner you would have used the seeds originally, had they not been sprouted. 

Hot sprouted soy milk is something especially delicious and sprouted tofu is a very nutritious version of tofu. By sprouting mung beans or lentils, you don't have to cook them. You can eat them as is in salads, hummus or in smoothies. 

Give sprouting a go! You won't regret it.

Stay healthy & stay vegan!