Raising Your Children Vegan

People all over the world raise their children on meat before they are old enough to even comprehend what it is that they are eating. They do not know that the food consists of an animal that has been killed and cooked. They don't know, yet they are fed meat. They are fed meat without being old enough to make a conscious decision as to how they feel about it.

That is the part I disagree the most with. I think it is hypocritical to take our children to places where animals are kept, teach them what animals sound like and how to treat them kindly, and then without the children knowing it, feeding them animal corpses, with all the dead animals's bad juju and their energy memories of their murder. 

There are certain situations, in the wilderness, where it may come down to a live or die situation and where you then must eat meat because there is nothing else. But that is not what we are discussing here. We are not in the wilderness, nor are the children, and for most of the meat consumers, it is not due to survival and lack of other food. It is because it is a habit and they like the taste. In most cases. 

I think raising your children vegan is therefore a much better idea. Some people may not understand, but then again they may not understand you being vegan either. And some people are simply narrow minded. But don't let that stop you. Raising your children vegan and teaching them to value life, their own, the lives of other humans and the lives of animals is worthwhile; it's important. If you teach your children to value life, I very much doubt they would go around hurting animals, agree with poaching or hunting, or use animal tested products. If the survival moment ever comes, and pray it doesn't, you can trust your children to feel sad, to feel as awful as they would have had it been war and they'd been forced to take a life. A life is a life, regardless how small.

The lives of others are not for you to take and taking a life should not be easy and definitely not fun or for greedy purposes. Raising animals for meat, fur or for using them to make money is not okay. We do want to keep our children's innocence as much and as long as possible, but we need to be truthful with them. We can't put meat into their bodies and pretend it's plants, pretend someone hasn't died for it. We need to be honest with them. We need to teach them so that they understand, and can make their own decisions. We need to give them the facts. 

If you told your children, who has just finished watching a kid show with all sorts of animals on TV, that the dinner they just ate came from animals just like those, how betrayed and sad do you think they'd feel? Racism and hatred in general is taught. We aren't born with it. Eating animals and feeling entitled to kill animals whenever we please, that too is taught. We do not need to teach our children that. 

Some meat-eaters may say that you'll be starving your children, that they will be malnourished, have deficiencies and get ill. They are simply ignorant. Malnourishment and deficiencies can happen with any diet, or should I say, any diet that is not well balanced. 

If you make sure you get enough protein, enough fats, enough carbs and enough vitamins, take some extra olive oil and avocado for good fats and flax-seed oil for omega 3, and properly manage all meals, there is absolutely no reason why your kids won't be as healthy, or healthier, than any meat eating kids.

When your child is around four to six months old you can start introducing food to them. What kind of food and how well-blended it should be depends on the age of the child. It is very easy to make your own vegan baby food and never have to pay for baby food, unless you want to. If you have a solid grocery budget and a good pantry, your child will be able to eat of the same food you eat, with little to no extra cost. 

Some foods that are excellent for babies are: 

  • plantain

  • corn

  • broccoli 

  • kale

  • avocado

  • bananas

  • pears

  • apples

  • quinoa

  • brown rice

  • potatoes

  • sweet potatoes

  • yams

  • okra

and more...

Get yourself a good blender or food processor, small jars or freezer trays and make the food in bulk. You can also get smoothie bags and make the feeding even simpler. 

When your child gets older, simply stay on point with nutrition and make sure they eat enough. It is no more difficult than cooking for a meat-eating child. In fact, with most meals it will be easier and you'll be able to feel confident that your child won't get any dangerous additive or substance in their food. They will be healthy and raised properly all the way from the start. 

You can also stretch your love for a plant based lifestyle to herbal medicine and make simple home remedies for the most common childhood illnesses such as the stomach flu, cold, ear inflammation, cough and for when/if they get lice.

Remember that making sure that your child's diet is on point is also preventative in terms of illnesses. Many foods are natural antibiotics and probiotics and can help with getting rid of colds or stomach flu's more easily or prevent them from catching them as often or even at all.

The point is, if you know how to take excellent care of yourself and your health, nutrition and daily intake, it is not difficult to extend that know-how to another person. Your child.

Good luck!