Quit Pharma Today

Pharma are designed to make the rich richer and the poor sicker, which will make them need more pharma, which will make the rich even richer. There are alternatives to pharma that are either deemed "not scientifically proven"or turned illegal. Because if the ill actually got better, they would not need expensive medical care, expensive insurance add-ons or more pharma. The system does not benefit from making people feel better. They benefit from making them feel worse.

Here are ten reasons to quit pharma:

  • It is exceptionally costly. Natural remedies and cbd is not.

  • It has incredible amounts of side-effects that will then require you to purchase more pharma, and then more, and so it goes on. Cbd does not.

  • Pharma is designed to treat (theoretically) one problem, CBD treats all the inflammation and illnesses in your body. 

  • You'd no longer be helping the ratwheel spin.

  • You'd be contributing to the end of pharma ruining people's health and finances.

  • There would be no need to detox as medical leftovers would not build up in your body, making you ill.

  • CBD will never make you addicted, constipated or give you depression or make you suicidal.

  • People have been using natural remedies successfully for centuries. Pharma - not so much.

  • Not even the doctor's believe in the pharma they prescribe anymore, yet it is easier getting a prescription than getting a doctor's attention.

  • Several pharma are intended to treat something yet have that same something as one of their potential side-effects. Basically you're paying a fortune for a pharma to fix a problem but may potentially increase the severity of your problem instead.

Look into natural remedies, ancient herbal medicines used by the Native Americans and natives from all over the world. They were much healthier than we are, much more civilised than our so called civilisation, yet without the greed, the stress and the abuse of nature and animals. Basically we're going in the completely wrong direction and need to look back and learn from how people used to do things. How they used to heal themselves, treat themselves. 

Look into alternative medicine - everything from acupuncture to Kinesiology, acupressure and yoga. There are so many healing practices all over the world that can serve as viable options to pharma. But the most important and most effective alternative is still managing your health with your actions every day. Make sure your nutrition is on point, get enough water into your system, exercise, get around 10'000 steps a day and add plenty of super foods to your diet. You can do a whole lot for your health that way. Those actions set the foundation for your health and will enable you to take up the cbd and the natural remedies much more effectively.

When you start cbd you may enter a detoxing period of time at first, where the toxins in your body is being flushed out. Depending on the state your health is in, the detox period may be very swift or last about a week or two. 

Green smoothies are excellent for getting a ton of nutrition, much more than you'd be able to eat, in one glass. They'll get your day started properly and you'll be energetic all day long. Kombucha, coconut water, green tea are also worth looking into. Fermented food is what are bodies are designed to get along with, it will do wonders for your immune system and digestive system, and you can make them at home. Tempeh, fermented tofu, kombucha, sauerkraut and kimchi are some alternatives. All easy to make in the comfort of your own home. 

Quitting prescribed medicine cold turkey is never a good thing and despite how bad pharma are, some people cannot get off them. This article is merely an encouragement to question pharma, look for alternatives and if possible, gradually find solutions for your health that does not involve pharma. 

Power to the people!