Fashion Has No Gender

It is ridiculous to see people do whatever they can to genderize fashion. Anything from small things like "Oh the buttons look like that? Then you obviously can't wear that because that is too feminine/masculine" to bigger things like the meaning of putting on a skirt or a dress. Fashion has nothing to do with gender. It has to do with expressing ourselves, telling the world who we are and what we feel. If what you feel like wearing is a super cute dress with pink plateau heels - go right ahead. If you feel like wearing combat boots with khaki trousers and a loose shirt - go ahead. The point is, no one can tell you that whatever you want to wear cannot be worn by you. If you feel that this garment or outfit in question makes you feel good, makes you feel like you and tells the world the story you want it to tell, then it is nobody's business to tell you otherwise. Telling you it is not right is like telling you you're not right and by doing that, quite frankly they have lost their right to play any kind of part in your life.

Genderizing fashion has a lot to do with the awful gender roles society still withholds. They are outdated, sure, but still they are there. In the small-minded way of thinking there are two genders and those are male and female. But that is a very outdated way of thinking. So, to at least loosely try to describe gender let's imagine a scale. At one side of the scale there is a man who identifies, thinks like and acts like a stereotypical male 100% of the time. I am not even sure one of those exists. On the other side there is a woman who identifies, thinks like and acts like a stereotypical woman 100% of the time. I doubt one of those women exists either. In other words these two genders, the way society sees them, are very limited and stereotypical and hardly anyone fits into those boxes completely. Now then, between these two stereotypical genders there are countless other genders. Some might feel one way about their gender but still identify as being part of the female part of the scale and vice versa. It is like when you are asked a question and they tell you to answer on a scale from 1-10. In terms of gender it would go somewhat like this. 1 being male, 10 being female, 1-5 being genders on the more male side or neither, 5-10 being genders on the more female side or neither.

Thus, it is quite obtuse to claim that only women can wear certain things and only men can wear certain things because those two are far from the only genders out there. By claiming such a thing, should everyone else walk around naked? Fashion consists out of fabrics created to form garments and accessories meant to be worn. A fabric holds no certain significance until we say it does, same with the garments. Fashion, while amazing, is just fashion and all of us, we're just people. Clothes are meant to keep us warm, sure, but also to free us. Not to shackle us.

Free the fashion and stop genderizing!