Escaping The Matrix

Have you ever wished you weren't were you are right now? That you weren't stuck in a small town or at a job that you took only for the money?  Are you sick and tired of your nine to five-live for the weekends-lifestyle? 

Then you, my friend, are stuck in the Matrix. Don't feel bad about it. At least you've noticed you are. Most people out there are stuck in the Matrix and they have no clue. They are so brainwashed by society already that they are already a drone, oblivious to the cage they're in.

Being in the Matrix means that you are asleep. Society has distracted you for so long with technology and media that you have fallen asleep and are therefore even more mouldable and receptive to the brainwashing the media is conducting. Society today is a cage for people built by people, who are so proud of the cage that they have convinced themselves that the cage is so good that they don't even notice the fact that it's a cage. They are so caught up in the Matrix that they can't leave, nor acknowledge the fact that they are caught and are thus, not in charge of their own lives.  The media is designed to create fear, distract and subdue the masses. It tells you what to think, who's good and who's bad, and it makes you so distracted that you don't see what they don't want you to see. The government's corruption, the fact that your rights are decreasing, that your choices in life are getting slimmer and the fact that they are ruling your every move. They are turning you into a drone and they have been programming you since before you were born. 

Just like a product you are marked with a label when you are born - the society chosen male and female - and then you are given a number. Your parents are told how to program you, based on the label given to you at birth, until you enter school and then the school, the teachers, your mates' parents and the media will continue the programming.  The school system today is outdated, edited and rigged. You are taught one version of the world, and only the parts that someone decided you should be taught, in order to keep you in the cage, keep you from questioning the system. Like types of meat you are graded and like old time factory workers you check in, work till lunch, eat lunch with everyone else, and then check back in until the day is over. On top of that you also get homework. Creativity is repressed, free-thinking is repressed; there is only one path. You are taught to value yourself based on the grade they give you. If you are different or unique or just yourself, they show you that you are wrong, you aren't the way you’re supposed to be. They tell you to change, suit the rest and blend in.


Kids today have it worse because their media and technology addictions (distractions) are started when they're just toddlers. Parents thinking it's cute when they put on YouTube for their kiddies, or even worse, giving the kids free reign on YouTube - which will allow them to watch virtually anything. 


People rely on technology for conversation nowadays as well. In fact, people rely on technology so much in their relationships, that they don't get enough face to face contact resulting in them no longer knowing how to talk to people in real life, how to behave.  Some keep their relationships completely virtual and the sad fact is that people today spend more time looking at a screen than they do talking or looking each other in the eyes.


Technology is an asset, of course it is, but it is one of those things that can be used for good or for evil and as much as it is an asset, it is a problem and a weapon.


Part of the programming you receive is to show you that there is a certain way of life and that is the way that you should be living. Completing your education, going to higher education - University or College - getting a high paying nine to five job, get married, have kids, save up for retirement and your kids’ education and so forth. It is a rat wheel and everyday people get burned out because they are not designed for the rat wheel. None of us are.


Humans are virtually the same now as they were in the 18th - 19th century only now everything around us has changed. Everything is going faster than humanly possible, everybody is stressed and rushing forward. Technology is everywhere, everything has displays, and more and more things are lit up and blinking. Cars are everywhere. People rely on cars and public transportation more than their own legs or bicycles. The air is thick with greed and vanity and the old values of honesty, honour, gratitude etc seem to be lost. The world has changed but the human body has not and as a result, people are getting ill. Younger and younger people are falling ill, and stressed related illnesses and mental illnesses are as common as rainy days are in Britain. Our minds are not designed for this fast-paced Matrix. Our bodies cannot cope with the stress. Our eyes cannot take all the technology. 


More and more people are getting migraines and are becoming sensitive to light, because there are so many unnatural light sources today. The world today is overloading our senses until our systems crash, and we're too addicted to the sensations of the technology to be able to let it go.  Even if it is for our own well-being.  People find it hard to be offline for even an hour or two, let alone for full days.  They're so addicted that they develop sleep disorders and get addicted to sleeping pills. They ruin their eyes watching the screen. Still they continue.


Healthcare has become a luxury, a very expensive luxury, and the pharmaceutical companies are making sick people worse and healthy people sick. Cancer is no longer a disease but a business, and natural "medicines" that could treat all sorts of diseases - such as marijuana that used to be a medicine for just about everything - are forbidden because they would lower or eliminate the market for pharmaceuticals. They would also make less people need medical care which would lower the amount of money hospitals, doctors and well, the system, gain when people get ill. 


The environment is getting ruined due to the greed of man and, yet we keep drilling for oil, burning and cutting down forests, putting up Nuclear Power Plants and producing seemingly infinite amounts of waste. We know that drilling for oil ruins the oceans and the drinking water and make people sick. We know Nuclear Power Plants go bad sometimes and ruin whole areas if not countries, and all the life around them. We know that forests produce oxygen and, yet we burn and cut them down for our gain. The reason for all of this lunacy is - there is no money in caring. 


Then we get to money. Money is literally pieces of paper with print on them that someone once said had certain value and since then, greed for money has ruled the world. 


Enough about the Matrix. 


How do you leave the Matrix before it is too late?


Well the first step to that end was reading this article, and realising that you are in fact, in the Matrix. As they say, accepting the problem and saying it out loud is the first step to recovery. In this case, recovery being un-programming yourself and awakening to the truth.

After this realisation, the time of research begins. Question everything. Research everything. Find your answers. This may sound easy but trust me, it’s not. A whole new world will unravel before you and you will see that nothing is how it once seemed to be. That can be a very unsettling truth to come to terms with.

When you have come to terms with that truth, it is time for you to look inward. Realise that you are an infinite soul in a temporary human body and that you are here to live your life and experience the things you want to experience. Take better care of your body. Look over your diet. Go vegan for the animals. Start yoga, mindfulness, start meditating. Spend more time in nature. Unplug. Treasure your body and treasure your soul. Change your thoughts. What you think is what you attract. Explore the law of attraction. As your programming wears off, ask yourself what you want out of life, what your ideal life would look like and then, without questioning or doubting yourself, plan how to make that happen. Design your own life. Do what your soul is aching to do. Leave the cage.