Bartering - A Life Without Money

Bartering - A Life Without Money

Money is not everything in life. Once more for the people in the back. Money is not everything in life.

In fact, it is a very small, nearly insignificant part of life. We're taught to measure our success in the amount of it. We're taught to chase it, strive for it. But what does it give us? Stress, sure. Anxiety, definitely. Greed, heaps of it. Joy ?

No. We may fool ourselves that it does, but money does not equal joy.

We trade our time, our services for money and then we trade the money for the things we need. If we cut out money, take it out of the equation, nothing would change. Not really. We would still be trading our time, bartering with it, for what we need. What we would lose, however, is the stress, the anxiety and the never ending greed that keeps us wanting for more. Greed has plagued humanity for centuries. Whatever we have we want more. However green our lawn is, in this light, the neighbour's lawn is looking greener. Of course when we walk over there, it seems the same. The neighbour next to that one however seems to have a greener one... and so it goes on.

I have never met a single person who has never felt stress, anxiety and fatigue when thinking of money and how to make ends meet, how to make the bills, how to afford food. And the holidays? The holidays are the worst. There is so much greed and vanity that people spend enough money during the holidays, to prove their worth for others and to show off, that they put themselves in dept. There are so many people in dept right now. Every other person has a student loan hanging like a bag of rocks on their back, and maybe even a mortgage to accompany it. 

People refrain from having children because they see people spending fortunes on their kids, on nonsensical items, and they believe that unless they have the money to do that too, they can't have any. Which is ridiculous of course, since most things people spend money on for their kids today have only been around for so long. People have had children since the dawn of time and money has not. That's all you need to know.

I am not saying that money does not simplify things, or can simplify things rather. What I am saying is that what money can do for us is not worth more than what money robs us of. 

Be it rent, food, clothes, shoes or a sofa - bartering works. Once you have figured out what you need, write a wish list ad and place it in the Facebook marketplace (if you're a member), in any groups you're in, at craigslist and let friends and family know. There's always someone who has something or who knows someone who does. 

The truth is, it is ridiculously easy to get things free, real cheap or to barter for them, but most people don't. Either they are too caught in 'the way it is' and never think to venture outside of that, or they think bartering and getting things for free is beneath them. But to be able to think like that, you must think that money has so much value that it makes you who you are, and that not using it, then somehow diminishes your value. It doesn't. Whether you use money or you don't, whether you have money or you don't, it matters not when it comes to you and the value you have. Money has no effect, neither negative nor positive, on your value as a person. 

Rather than holding on tight to the money spending world, and striving for earning more and more, only to look good in front of others, focus inward. Focus on your health, on your soul, on your interests. What does money rob you off? Is it really worth it? Don't rely on money to somehow make you valuable; you already are. Treasure yourself and start planning your life and your time around what you want and what you need to stay happy, healthy and gloriously you. Money has no hand in that. You have to do it. 

People seem to think that every problem in the world can be solved, as long as there is money. The thing is, most problems in the world were, one way or the other, caused by money. 

Try spending less, try making changes and give bartering a go. The worries money bring with them can push any person into an early grave. Don't let it do that to you. Create a life without it, rather than around it, and build your security now rather than for when you retire

  • Get yourself a home that runs itself, that doesn't come with a mortgage, and one you cannot lose.

  • Acquire the garments and shoes you need and see that it is all of a quality that will last through years. Continue the same way through all your possessions.

  • Learn more about your diet and what you should eat for your health and nutrition.

  • Create a yearly pantry around that and give growing your own food a go.

  • Quit pharma and hold your health in check with nutrition, sufficient sleep, water and cbd - to heal your body from any inner inflammation or disease.

  • Check your teeth and your eyes and make sure all is as should be.

  • Learn how to do things, as one did, say fifty years ago. Knitting, crochet, sewing, cooking, mending, farming, cleaning, cutting hair, shoe making, the list goes on. Educate yourself and increase the number of things and services you can barter with.

A life without money, or even with minimum money used, is a life that will be far better for you, your health - mental and physical - and your inner joy.

Make yourself a priority. Realise your own value. Live a life of joy.