The Freedom To Homeschool

The school system today hasn't changed much or rather, at all, in the last century.  Students are still only taught a version of history, a highly edited version I might add. They are taught that grades matter more than anything. They are graded like pieces of meat. They clock in, clock out and are somewhat free only for lunch and a few short breaks between classes. Someone somewhere decided for them what they should learn, in order to be moulded into drones that stick to society's norms and rules, that follow rules mindlessly. 

As you can see, I am not an advocate for the school system. I am however an advocate for home-schooling. While you will need to follow certain guidelines and teach your kid things society said they have to learn, home schooling is a much freer and friendlier way of doing it. You will be able to put together your days however you please and teach your children all the things the school system doesn't. The real version of history, the magnificent people who have been forgotten in the version of history we're taught. All the women who actually invented a great deal of things that were later invented, again, by men, leaving the women without credit. The real history regarding Columbus setting foot in America and all the destruction and death he brought with him. The truth about the government, authorities and the way of the world. How to grow food, forage and remedies for illnesses. There is so much you can and need to teach your children, that school does not, and home schooling gives you that opportunity. In school there will always be bullying, ostracising, groupings and that one teacher pulling favourites. In home schooling there isn't any of those things. The years you are in school or rather the years you are actively learning as a child and a teen, should not be something we spend the better part of our twenties overcoming. That is one of the reasons I support home schooling. The right to home school should be obvious. It is about freedom. Keeping people from making the choice to home school is taking away their freedom. 

In Sweden, since 2011, it is virtually impossible to home school due to new rules. I think that is a major violation of freedom. How we educate our children and whether we do it ourselves and with tutors outside of school or in the government building with controlled schedules, should be entirely up to each and every family. As long as you make sure that your children learn the same things - and so much more - and that they still have social interactions daily and room to grow as individuals. there is absolutely no reason why one should not be able home school. The only reason to regulate who home schools and who doesn't, the only reason to keep people from home schooling, is if the government and society are afraid that they will lose control, lose their ability to brainwash the children, if they are taught at home instead. That should be upsetting every citizen, regardless if they themselves want to home school or not. The point is, it should be up to every family individually. Much like it is up to each person individually if they want children, if they want to marry and if they want to change legal gender. Personal matters should not be turned into government matters. We need to wake up and see that now more than ever, the government is working to control us, to keep us in check, while they keep us in the dark.

The system is built on greed, power and the desire to control. Nothing else. They are puppet masters wanting to play with the masses as they feel. We should all do what we can to step away from them, and we should do it for our children as well. Now that we know better, we are awake and we see the cracks in society, in the world, we need to make sure that we teach our children what we know, that we change things for them. We should not make them go through all we went through to awaken. They should benefit from our journey and start off their lives in awakened states. It is the new generation that will change the world when we're gone, and we need to make sure they do a heck of a lot better job than our generation and the generations before us. 

In conclusion, the decision to home school should be up to each family individually, it is a basic form of freedom and a personal matter and should not be turned into a government matter. If your country or your state tells you that you cannot teach your children and bring them up with healthier values and truth, then you must protest. We cannot let our rights be taken away. We all deserve freedom and no one should have the power to decide how much.  Know your rights.

Power to the people!