The Assassin of Intimacy

The Smartphone is in the hands of everyone these days and people go into a frightful panic at the very idea of putting it away for a few days or even minutes. We speak more through out smartphones, through chats and social media, than we do to each other in real life. We apply for work through them, go on interviews through them, take our doctor's visits through them, date through them, and any day now I'd wager they'll be connecting them to breathing units so we'll breathe through them as well.

The bond between a smartphone and its owner is far stronger than any addiction, because it's been an addiction for so long that people now imagine the smartphone to be an actual part of them. With the digital world raging we've been lured to put everything into them - from our bank information to our weight to our diaries. No wonder we're attached. They're like our portable confession boxes. A priest would never tell your confessions to anyone else, but the smartphones? One wrong button pushed and the world knows. 

There are actually courses today on how to function, how to talk to people, how to be around people, how to be intimate and how to make friends - without the smartphone. That is beyond sad. People have actually forgotten how to function without them, how to spend time with their loved ones and how to speak without a piece of technology attached to them. As much as we hold on to them and consider them parts of us, we're practically robots already. It's been so long since they looked something up in a book or asked someone rather than googling it, that they've forgotten how. The smartphone is a grand invention to be sure, but it has replaced intimacy in the world and rather than solving a problem - as most inventions do - it has created one. It has made the people unable ot live without it, or live at all. 

The smartphone is the assassin of intimacy. 

But how do we get away? How do we escape? 

Think about what would happen if you stopped using the smartphone? What would you do? What did you do before the smartphone? For what do you rely on it?

We're so used to it, that we will not be able to get away from it in one go. But gradually, we need to make sure we stop relying on it as much. That we start looking people in the eye rather than looking at the screen, talking to people rather than chatting and that we start using libraries and each other again, to learn things that Google cannot teach us. It is always dangerous to get so used to something that you can't figure out life without it, and even more so when it is a disposable material thing, that may malfunction or share your life with the world, should it feel like it. 

Start putting your phone more and more in flight mode, and refrain from using it at night and in the weekends. Make the transition gradually. 

Don't let the assassin of intimacy ruin you!