Ethical Fashion vs Organic Fashion

Ethical fashion can be organic and organic fashion can be ethical, however, the two are not synomynous. Organic fashion simply means that the material of which the garments consist of are organic. Such as material made from organic flax - linen, organic cotton, organic silk and more. Ethical however, is about how the garments were created, by whom, how those people were treated and how the garments made it from the makers to the buyers. Mass-produced brands are very rarely ethical. There is often child workers and underpaid workers involved, who work for way less than they need to get by. Then there are often unsustainable materials used and to top it all of, they are shipped with trucks, ships and planes, making the whole process anything but environment friendly. Not to mention the great amount of plastic that is used for packaging and will later end up in our oceans.

Organic fashion can be ethical, but it is highly possible to mass-produce organic fashion, abuse the workers and create a bad environmental footprint. 

One kind of ethical fashion is fashion that is handmade by small brands, preferably local. Another is the garments you yourself can make. Designers working with upcycling and recycling, who recycle the materials that are otherwise going to be thrown away and turn them into new garments - that's also an ethical option. 

When you buy something, it is incredibly important that you think not only of the money you spend, but what it is you're spending it on. By making a purchase you support that business and all they stand for. Make sure that you only support what you can wholeheartedly get behind. Read up on their view on sustainability, who makes the garments, where they are made and how they are made, how they are shipped and if they are hesitant to say much about it, take a step back. Silence says a whole lot. If they don't want to let you know how, where and by whom their designs are made, or how they treat those individuals, the truth cannot be a sunshine-y story.

The world is full of individuals, brands and companies who worry over nothing more than how to earn the most money. They will stop at nothing to earn what they want and the environment and the little person means nothing to them. It is useless reasoning with them, but we can choose not to support them or their businesses. Even by buying from them once, we are lending them a hand to ruining the environment and people's lives.

The easiest way to stop supporting the unethical brands is to take a good look at your wardrobe. What do you have in it? Does it reflect your soul and your lifestyle? Does the content make you happy? 

Create a capsule wardrobe of necessities and each time something needs replacing, replace it with a sustainable and ethical alternative. In time, your entire capsule wardrobe will be sustainable. The garments that you replace, mend them and donate them to the needing. Perhaps there are is a shelter you know? They'll gladly take them, I am sure. 

Do the same cleanse with all of your possessions. Find new homes for everything you do not need or are not completely in love with. Replace the unsustainable materials to sustainable ones. Quit plastic. Quit polyester. Slow down your fashion experience and your shopping in general and make sure you make the right decisions for yourself and the future of this planet.