Downsizing For Health

Health is wealth. But have you ever considered downsizing for health?

There are very few things we humans actually need. What we need differs from person to person and is influenced by where we live, how we work and what our interests are. People who have children may require more possessions than someone who is single. However, as minimalism grows in popularity, even having a family is not a valid reason to become a hoarder. Children do not need as much as society suggest they do. That is materialism, not actual need.

On YouTube there are a ton of videos of people living out of their backpacks. While some do it for themselves and their vision of how their life should be , some people compete with others, counting their items and downsizing to somehow "win" over others. By having less items than them. That is not the point of minimalism at all. Minimalism is when you de-clutter and reevaluate your life, discovering how little you actually need. Minimalism is for individual well-being, for a healthy mind. It is not for the sake of winning an imaginary competition over who has the lowest amount of possessions. When we have more than we need, we produce clutter. When we produce clutter or live in a cluttered environment, our minds become equally cluttered.  That in turn turns into stress and anxiety, which eventually leads to a lowered immune system. Having a lot of things is not a sign of success or well-being. Having a few things that are well cared for, that you love and use daily, and having a life filled with moments that take your breath a way... that is success. 

Materialism is based on greed and vanity, not need nor well-being. We are wrong to measure our lives in whether we have a house or not, whether we are married or not, or by how many things we own. We ought to measure our lives in moments, in happiness instead. Life is not about about collecting things; it is about making memories. 

How do you go about downsizing and limiting your possessions to things you truly love? 

You go about it gradually. Start by de-cluttering one area of your life at a time. To start off easy, de-clutter and downsize your social media. Then move on to work. As you get to your home, do the same in your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and finally with your wardrobe. Create a capsule wardrobe and donate or sell anything you decide not to keep. Be strong and question every possession and its impact on your life. Good or bad. 

Aim for quality, not quantity. When you only have one of each thing, you will be able to afford acquiring things of a higher quality that may very well, with good care, last you for life. Also, when you stick to one of each item, do your best to have multipurpose items. It will make it much easier to keep less things without altering your lifestyle. 

Declutter your mind!