Alexis at Desoulation

This online magazine is has had several names and sites over the years. As they say, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Desoulation is a play on words. Desolation, to represent the world that lies in front of us when we walk away from the ‘normal’ and walk into the world without norms or ‘rules’, the world of sustainability, self-sufficiency, love, freedom and free gender expression. And The Soul Generation, which is the name I’ve given to the newer generations who are exceedingly plant-based eaters, non-followers of the 9 to 5, spiritual awakened yogis, location independent, slow fashion and zero waste pursuers, genderqueer dressers, gender experimenting, kind and environment-friendly soulsexuals. The Soul Generation is the generation that will prevent our doom; the generation that will save us all.